For some families, the college preparation journey can be daunting.  Every student and family has different needs.  Whether it’s personalized college counseling or doing things on your own, you can find the right resource for your journey at

College Sherpa.

College preparation starts as early as the high school freshman year.  AppliPak guides you through the college prep journey providing year-by-year instruction regarding how to prepare for and select your “best” colleges.


AppliPak provides roadmaps and guides to answer the questions families encounter about college preparation.  All of the information is housed in a durable plastic case binder with pocket tabs to organize your college materials and applications.  AppliPak can be used at any time during the process with planning tools and online resources.  AppliPak is full of information to make students and parents aware of details—don’t let anything slip through the cracks!

The all-in-one resource for college preparation, selection, applications, and financial aid!

College Sherpa provides individualized college planning counseling by:


o Positioning students for success

o Ensuring deadlines are visible and met

o Creating awareness of schools that meet student’s needs

o Coaching through the application process

o Maximizing financial aid opportunities


College Sherpa guides you through the whole process and helps the family objectively weigh options.


Do you have a Sherpa to lead you?

Learn about our personalized college counseling services.

Additional college planning resources you may find helpful!


Everyone has different  ways of learning, gathering information and  accomplishing tasks.  Shop our site and find the right resources that fit your needs.  You’ll find guides to colleges, test prep, career interests and much more to help with your college planning journey.

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